Fabric and Fibre Cleanability

Bella-Dura is so versatile, it makes perfect sense for every environment.

Basic Cleaning:
By design, Bella-Dura fibres resist spills and absorption, so whether it’s betadine in a healthcare environment or wine in a restaurant or at home, Bella-Dura is easy to clean. For most spills, a simple solution of two parts water to one part dishwashing detergent (or another common household cleaner) will do. Gently clean the surface using a toothbrush or other soft bristled brush with swirling motions and then rinse thoroughly using clean water.

Bleach Cleaning:
Because Bella-Dura is a solution-dyed fabric, the fibers are bleach cleanable without risk of fading or harm, making even more challenging spills easy to treat.  Quickly clean and disinfect using a diluted bleach solution. The recommended dilution is four parts water to one part bleach.